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December 6th, 2009


The group has been quiet, but I think that's because we're all obscenely busy.

Last month I wrote the first 3 issues for the ambitious 60 issue story arch I have planned with kmc_geijyutsuka We're probably gonna do a one-shot of a different story together first. That script is all done, and sitting somewhere on her to do pile. Month before that I did the flats for a Zuda submission that she drew.

orangebluecream 's book is on hold due to a printing issue. I'd switch to a different print on demand company, but comixpress is the only one I've found that does custom sizes. We're considering doing something similiar to www.thedreamlandchronicles.com

I'm taking a break from comics this month to try to get my budgetting book out. But once that's done, I'm gonna hit the 60 issue story hard and try to get all the scripts done in advance. Then I can do flatting and lettering after the pages are drawn.

New Orange and Blue Cream Design on our cafepress shop http://www.cafepress.com/amoebadreams/6981989

We are a group of artists and writers with a common interest in creating entertaining comics
as a medium of self-expression, recreation and education. Our goal is to inspire, critique,
and encourage one another so we all grow artistically as individuals and as a group.

We welcome members of all ages, backgrounds, styles and skill levels interested in active participation of this goal. Since we welcome younger members (as well as old fogies), we keep all common-shared APA material All-Ages appropriate.

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