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We're ba-ack!

HOTTEST SUMMER EVER....at least for Nashville.  But it's finally over, and we're ready to kick back into meetings this weekend.

Come.  Bring friends....or likeable acquaintences.  Just don't bring your enemies that always turns ugly... unless they draw/write/layout really well...then go ahead and bring 'em.
Also, KMC has a lovely new design up on our Cafepress shop http://www.cafepress.com/amoebadreams/3663889   It's purdy.  You should buy something.  Christmas is only 4 months away!
Speaking of Christmas, Sam's awesome Mary/Joseph/Baby Jesus drawing is still up http://www.cafepress.com/amoebadreams/2515037

Even though this is a 3rd week (and in theory we'd have a writers activity).  Let's try to do an artist activity this week.  Bring your sketch books!  We'll try to get a volunteer to model for us for ten minutes.  Maybe swap up.

So it'll be a bit like a figure drawing class without the embarassing nudity.

If you're playing along at home, try to get a friend or family member to pose for you.  If no one will, you could use a picture, a mirror, or go to a public place a mall.  Just try to limit yourself to ten minutes.
We are a group of artists and writers with a common interest in creating entertaining comics
as a medium of self-expression, recreation and education. Our goal is to inspire, critique,
and encourage one another so we all grow artistically as individuals and as a group.

We welcome members of all ages, backgrounds, styles and skill levels interested in active participation of this goal. Since we welcome younger members (as well as old fogies), we keep all common-shared APA material All-Ages appropriate.

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